My Five Favorite Fonts Booklet - University Project
This was one of my absolute favorite projects! We had to choose out of hundreds of fonts and do research on each font we chose. I chose Frutiger, Bembo, Archer, Museo Slab and Trade Gothic. I took photographs of packaging products and edited them to have these fonts wrapped around them in some way. I was challenged by my professor to push myself and went through several drafts until I finally found a consistent layout to display these beautiful fonts. I also have a passion for lots of strong colors as you can see here. We were then given the task to search for unique types of paper and I found these great brilliant white and textured Neenah sheets of paper that just added so much flare. The most fun I had was learning to hand stitch the bindings on these books. It brought me back to my artistic side and trying to make sure everything was lined up perfectly. 
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